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Operating Systems and System Programming

Informatik / Betriebssysteme

Universität: Berkeley
Dozent: John Kubiatowicz
Aufzeichnungsdatum: Fall 2007
Sprache: English

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Basic concepts of operating systems and system programming. Utility programs, subsystems, multiple-program systems. Processes, interprocess communication, and synchronization. Memory allocation, segmentation, paging. Loading and linking, libraries. Resource allocation, scheduling, performance evaluation. File systems, storage devices, I/O systems. Protection, security, and privacy.

What is an Operating System?
Operating Systems History, Services, and Structure
Concurrency: Processes and Threads
Thread Dispatching
Cooperating Threads
Implementing Mutual Exclusion, Semaphores, Monitors, and Condition Variables
Readers/Writers; Language Support for Synchronization
Tips for Working in a Project Team / Cooperating Processes and Deadlock
Deadlock / CPU Scheduling
Scheduling / Protection - Kernal and Address Spaces
Address Translation 1
Address Translation 2, Caching and TLBs
Caching and TLBs 2, Caching and Demand Paging
Page Allocation and Replacement 1
Page Allocation and Replacement 2, Survey of I/O Systems
File Systems and Disk Management
Filesystems, Naming and Directories I
Filesystems, Naming and Directories II
Networks and Distributed Systems
Network Protocols I
Network Protocols II
Network Communication Abstractions / RPC
Distributed File Systems
Protection and Security in Distributed Systems I
Protection and Security in Distributed Systems II
ManyCore OS and Peer-to-Peer Systems

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